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Title 4. Recycled Water

Chapter 4.28 Recycled Water

4.28.010 Applicability.

This chapter applies to publicly owned properties, to commercial, industrial and business properties, and to other such properties as may be specified from time to time by Marina Coast Water District, by ordinance, and which meet the requirements of state and county health officials with regard to the use of recycled water. (Amended during 3-02 supplement: Ord. 29 § 4, 1995)

4.28.020 Charges and fees.

 All charges and fees applicable to potable water connection and use shall be likewise applicable to users of recycled water except as otherwise specified by this chapter.   Recycled water distribution pipelines which are deeded to and remain the property and responsibility of the district, shall be constructed by an applicant for service only under the same circumstances as would be required for potable water service to the same property.  (Amended during 3-02 supplement: Ord. 29 § 5, 1995)

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4.28.030 Recycled water service availability.

A. When recycled water is available to a particular property, as described in Section 1.04.010, the owner must connect to the recycled water system. The owner must bear the cost of completing this connection to the recycled water system.

B. New water users who are not required to connect to recycled water because the distance to the nearest recycled water line is greater than the distance provided in Section 1.04.010, shall be required to construct isolated plumbing infrastructure for landscape irrigation or other anticipated non-potable uses, with a temporary connection to the potable water supply.

C. All new private or public irrigation water systems, whether currently anticipating connection to the recycled system or which shall be connected to the potable water system temporarily while awaiting availability of recycled water, shall be constructed of purple PVC pipe to the existing district standard specification. (Amended during 3-02 supplement: Ord. 29 § 6, 1995)

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4.28.040 General provisions.

Each user of recycled wastewater shall be served through a separate meter connecting the public facility belonging to the district to the customer's private distribution system. Each such service shall require establishment of a billing account in the district's accounting system. All charges for construction, metering, connection fees, capacity charges, water usage charges, penalties or other authorized charges for service provided within the boundary of the district shall be the same as charges authorized for potable water service.

B. Discharge of recycled water, including overflow, bypass, and/or overspray to adjacent drainage ways or properties is prohibited.  For the purposes of this prohibition, insignificant

amounts of runoff at peripheries of spray-irrigated areas shall not be considered a violation of this section provided that the runoff is minimal and the user is utilizing good irrigation practices.

C. Use of recycled water shall be accomplished at a time and in a manner that minimizes ponding and the possibility of public contact. Usage shall occur only during periods when grounds will have maximum opportunity to dry out before use by the public or provided that public is excluded during irrigation and drying. Drinking water fountains shall be protected from direct or windblown spray.

D. Recycled water use for dust mitigation and soil compaction shall comply with California Department of Health Services' Guidelines for the Use of Recycled Water for Construction Purposes and Guidelines for Worker Protection.

E. Recycled water shall be applied at such a rate and volume as not to exceed vegetative demand and soil moisture conditions.  Special precautions must be taken to prevent clogging of spray nozzles, to prevent over watering and to minimize runoff. Pipelines and facilities shall be maintained to prevent leakage.

F. Recycled water shall not be used during periods of extended rainfall and/or runoff.

G. Signs shall be provided to inform the public that recycled water is being stored or used.  For golf courses, notification shall be provided on scorecards.

H. Personnel involved in producing, transporting, or using recycled water shall have undergone adequate training in recycled water use, as provided by the district or the user's site supervisor.

I. Vehicles used for transporting recycled water shall be appropriately labeled and shall not leak.

J. Vehicle and disposal bin washing shall be limited to stall areas where airborne spray is contained and runoff is diverted into the sanitary sewer system.

K. Recycled water piping, (excluding existing landscape piping), controllers, valves, etc., shall be marked or colored purple for easy differentiation from potable water facilities.

L. Recycled water valves, couplers, and all other facilities shall be secured in a manner that permits operation only by authorized personnel.

M. Use or installation of hose bibs on recycled water systems is prohibited.

N. Proper backflow and cross-connection prevention equipment shall be required on all potable water systems where recycled water systems are in use.

O. Recycled water shall not be used for irrigation or impounded within one hundred feet of any well used for domestic supply.

P. Recycled water systems shall be regularly inspected to assure proper operation and compliance with rules. (Amended during 3-02 supplement: Ord. 27 § 5, 1994)

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