NOTICE: Rebate funding is based on a first come, first served basis. Please do not call the District office for funding availability. If no rebate funds are available when your application is received, the application will be held until more annual funding is made available or until one year has passed since the washer was purchased and the rebate request has therefore become ineligible. All ineligible applications will be returned to the applicant with a notice of ineligibility.

Clothes washer rebates are available when purchasing an ENERGYSTAR rated clothes washer. Rebate amounts are based upon the machines water efficiency or Water Factor (gallons of water per cubic foot. of laundry cleaned). The most water efficient machines receive a higher rebate amount, as shown in the table below.

Water Factor Rebate Amount
Above 8.0 None
6.1 – 8.0 $ 50
4.6 – 6.0 $ 100
4.5 or less $ 125

View a listing of Qualified Clothes Washers and their Water Factor ratings.

Download or view the ENERGYSTAR Clothes Washer Rebate Request form (see documents in right column).

If you need assistance or have any questions about our rebate program, please give our Conservation staff a call at (831) 384-6131.